Functional Flexibility Is The Desire Of Every Golfer


Functional flexibility for golf is an important element. Quite often there are a lot of feelings of inadequacy, more so physical inadequacy, on the golf course.

Most golfers wish that they were a lot stronger than they are and yet still be able to have functional flexibility. Most golfers realize deep inside that flexibility and strength are important for good golf.

Yet these feelings and desire need not remain just that, any golfer can take action and dramatically improve on their functional flexibility and strength. Any golfer can ensure that the next time they set foot on the course to play their beloved game, they will be brimming with confidence and not inadequacy.

Actually both strength and functional flexibility go together and the two cannot be divorced from one another. Weak muscles will tend to be very stiff, the opposite of flexibility. So in other words, it is true to say that by building up strength, a golfer will almost automatically be improving their functional flexibility.

But let me make it clear here that there is a huge difference between building muscles and enhancing strength. When developing strength for golf, all good golf exercise programs will involve working with dumbbells which a lot of people associate with muscle and body building.

The truth of the matter is that in golf, dumbbells are used to build strength, and not muscles, by lifting much lighter weights up and down, more times than a bodybuilder does.

The sessions are also much shorter than those of a body builder who have to spend most of the day in the gym lifting extremely heavy weights to build their muscles.

Actually it is true that building muscles will tend to bring in stiffness and the very opposite of functional flexibility.

It is the functional flexibility gained from weight training and stretches that can greatly improve the golf swing of any golfer. Actually the greater the functional flexibility for golf...the better the golf swings.


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