Women's Golf And Exercise


While golf is long overdue to benefit from the application of fitness, thanks to women like Annika Sorenstam, women are now realizing strength training and flexibility conditioning aren't just for men. The benefits on the golf course are well worth the effort of sticking to a regular golf fitness regime.

Today's women golfers are more determined than ever to stake their claim to the golf course and a higher standard of performance. One of the primary factors allowing women to compete more competently on the course is fitness. From the baby boomers to the juniors, golfers are beginning to realize the advantages of increasing strength and flexibility. The women are no exception.

Here are some things women should keep in mind as they begin regular golf fitness training:

Women tend to be more flexible than their male counterparts. While there are exceptions to every rule, women can typically use stretching more for maintenance of flexibility as opposed to achieving or re-establishing full range of motion.

While flexibility for female golfers is important, strength is essential. Most women would be well served to place emphasis on building muscle strength to be more competitive. You should place emphasis on strength of the posterior chain muscles (lower back, glutes, and hamstrings), the abdominal muscles, and the shoulder girdle.


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