Why in the World Do You Want to Make Your Own Golf Clubs?


A better question might be, why would you not want to build your own golf clubs. If you have shopped for a new driver lately, you know that the cost of top "brand name" clubs has skyrocketed. Are we to believe that they can make your game that much better? I would bet that you already own a driver, maybe even one with a wood head, that you can still hit to within 10-20 yards of how far you could hit a new top drawer driver.

Disregarding the above paragraph, there are 3 basic reasons for wanting to make your own golf clubs,

You want to become a golf club-maker as a hobby or as a business.

You want to own custom clubs, at a lower cost.

And my favorite, you want to experiment with new technologies, without paying the prohibitive costs for brand name products.

If you want to become a club-maker and sell your product to the public, you will need to spend some time learning the craft. Contact any of the component suppliers, most of them have the tools you will need, and instructions for fitting clubs to your customers, or yourself, and assembly instructions. Take care to produce a quality product and each club becomes a silent salesperson. Re-gripping in the off season can bring a steady supply of business, and give you the opportunity to sell those same people new clubs or just repairs of their current ones.

Do you want your own custom clubs? Building them from the quality components with the latest technology is one way to get superior performance and quality without paying premium "brand name" prices. It would be next to impossible to achieve the same exact custom fit from an "off the shelf" set.

Want to experiment with the newest hot driver? You don't really want to spend up to $800.00 for one of the big "brand names" without knowing if it will improve your game, do you? Custom or clone components can be purchased that will exactly mimic the performance of the big guys. You've heard the talk about have a more flexible, or a stiffer shaft, but you are not sure if they are right. Re-shaft your existing club and see if it makes a positive difference. If you don't want to assemble it yourself, most component suppliers offer them as assembled units, and still at much lower cost. After you have determined that a new technology will benefit you, if you still want the "brand name" you can buy it with confidence.

Club-making can become a very enjoyable, or even profitable hobby.

Have Fun

Jim Newell


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