New Definition of Retirement


A new definition of retirement is evolving. It's one that's focused on continual exploration, learning and growth. Where the old retirement promised no pressure and stress but left you with no personal growth, no stimulating interaction and no sense of achievement, the new retirement promises life meaning, personal fulfillment, and realization of long-held dreams and 'fun'. It's a time for discovery not felt since youth. What do you dream about? Is it owning a dream home at the lake? Or maybe starting your own business? How about going back to college or taking tree planting lessons? You might spend time with a loved one, help people who are less fortunate, or travel.

I believe the new word for this stage should be 'opportunity'! After all, the sky's the limit for the choices you have during this exciting time.

"In the U. S. alone, more than 10,000 people retire every day. In Canada, the number is over 1,000" (The New Retirement, Richard P. Johnson, Ph. D.). People are living longer with a shift occurring where retirees find new ways to contribute to society. People are also retiring earlier, on average around 57. For some, this means leaving the corporate world so they can enter and exit work projects, pursue education or travel. All of this requires planning!

Men and women entering the retirement phase of their life are the best-educated, wealthiest, healthiest, most accomplished generation in history. Yet, many are confused and highly stressed about what they begin to experience at this time in their life.

Through the use of assessments we can determine where you are now, and where you want to be. Through coaching, you can discover yourself and how to live the life you've dreamt of. Retirement is not an ending; it is a new beginning, full of possibilities and purpose.

"Tracey Fieber has been a very perceptive person in hearing the missing parts of what I say and unveiling them to me to perform better in my life," said Janet of New York. "She has helped me with marketing, using my time to it's fullest and structuring it to be used better suggesting specific ways to improve my goals when stumped for solutions. We enjoyed each other even during low times of life. I would recommend her as a proficient coach to help others as she has helped me move to the next level of success and understanding myself."

Janet is in good company. One of the more than 76 million boomers turns 50 every 7.5 seconds, with every coming year over 4 million men and women will join the ranks of the 50-plus age group, according to AARP figures. "People turning 50 today have half of their adult lives ahead of them," said William Novelli of AARP. "They are beginning to use that milestone to enjoy new-found freedoms, make new choices, and dream new dreams." Not all retirees will want to pursue this new retirement. Those that do will want to discover their success with the help of a coach.

Tracey Fieber, CTACC, is a Life and Retirement Coach, helping professionals 45 - 70 to make their most cherished dreams clear, then bring them to reality by exploring their strengths and their best opportunities.


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