The Power of A Golf Training Club


Some golfer's idea of a golf training club is using their usual set of clubs to hit balls on the course the whole day.

This sort of thinking is borrowed from other sports where the most effective way of improving a person's game and level of fitness in it is to play the said game as much as possible.

Sadly this golf exercise technique of training using an ordinary golf club will just not work in golf. One of the reasons is the fact the golf swing hardly lasts a second and for this reason the muscles involved hardly get any exercise or conditioning when you play the game. They mostly get strained and injured if you do not exercise.

This where a special golf training club comes in. I have found the weighted club to be very effective as a golf training club. This special club allows a golfer to go through the motions of the golf swing, only with a heaver weight than usual and is very effective in strengthening and conditioning golf specific muscles involved.

Many golfers tend to be sceptical about golf training equipment or gadgets aimed at improving a persons' game. This is hardly surprising because many golfers will point you to their garages full of golf equipment that the salesperson at the shop promised would do miracles to their game.

Instead, in some cases they find that the golf aid actually made their game worse.

This is really why it helps to seek expert advice when purchasing any sort of golf aid equipment or gadget.

It also helps to know what particular weakness you have in your game.

Still the weighted golf club works wonders as a golf training club and I would usually have no hesitation in recommending it as one of the most effective golf training clubs.


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