Try Developing Your Own Golf Style


Some golf beginners think that all they have to do is copy Ernie Els, Tiger Woods or whoever their favorite golfer might be and bam, immediate golf success!

I am sorry to say, it is just not that easy. If it were then everybody would be a lot better. This, as we see every time out on the course is not so much the case.

In reality, no two people ever really swing the same way. Since each of us has a unique body build, some more unique than others, we need to develop our own individual set of muscles. A golf swing method used by one golfer who has a different build and has developed his or her set of golf muscles, is probably not of much value to you. Golf is an individual sport. So, find a method of playing that produces results for you, and then go with it. You will enjoy your time out on the links much more.

While it is often a waste of time to try and copy someone else, coaching by a pro can help you find your swing by getting suggestions and tips on how to improve. Just make sure you hire someone who will work with what feels comfortable for you and your natural swing.

If you hire a pro, make sure he is a superior player. You also want someone that is not going to just stand there and watch you swing. You want a pro that will actually show you how to get out of the sand and some less obvious shots you may come across in a round of golf. Make sure you are getting your money's worth!

When you're ready to play golf, and you're faced with a shot, just make your decision on how you're going to do things and stick with it. If you have a bad day of golf, don't be inclined to change what you are doing. If you start changing things every time you have a bad game you will never get any better. But don't be so hardheaded that you never try anything new either. We are looking for a middle ground. If after a few rounds something just isn't working for you, then you need to change it. Just that. Keep the good and toss out the bad. Something about a baby and bathwater comes to mind.

Certain techniques are fundamental to the game and you should try to follow them. But don't get too bogged down in these. It is almost impossible to make a good shot, when the whole time you are thinking of seven or eight things you need to be doing. When you are playing just play and when you are practicing then you can think about things like your grip, where your feet are, where the ball is, to keep your eye on the ball, to follow through, keep your head straight, etc. Hopefully the things practiced will just become natural for you when you get out on the course. This is the goal anyway.

Take your time and develop your own golf swing, one that works for you. When you're playing at the top of your game, give those trying to imitate you the advice above!


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