Charity Golf Tournaments


If you are involved with a non-profit organization, chances are you have been approached by people who specialize in hosting charity golf tournaments. Charity golf tournaments are extremely popular ways for people to raise money. Usually, the way these events are set up, people pay a fee to be involved in a two or three-day event, sometimes a one-day event only. The players get to play alongside local celebrities and there are prizes that can be won to sweeten the deal.

An example of a charity golf prize is a hole-in-one prize. The tournament organizer will choose a hole with a par-3 and offer, say, a new car to the person who hits a hole in one. There is no risk involved to the charity if they purchase what is known as "hole-in-one insurance," a comparatively small premium that ensures the winner will get the prize and the charity will not have to purchase the prize. This eliminates the need to get sponsorships for everything from the community.

Another event you can have at a charity golf event is called a "million dollar shootout." This kind of event can be done in conjunction with a regular charity golf tournament. The players who wish to participate pay an extra fee in order to attempt the million dollar shot at a temporary hole. The tournament organizer will have purchased "million dollar coverage" from an insurance company for a guaranteed payout. Your charity golf event will be a huge success if you maximize the earning potential of your tournament!


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