Charity Golf Tournaments

If you are involved with a non-profit organization, chances are you have been approached by people who specialize in hosting charity golf tournaments. Charity golf tournaments are extremely popular ways for people to raise money. Usually, the way these events are set up, people pay a fee to be involved in a two or three-day event, sometimes a one-day event only. The players get to play alongside local celebrities and there are prizes that can be won to sweeten the deal. An example of a charity golf prize is a hole-in-one prize....

Returning Home: Scottish Golf Breaks

July 2005 sees the return of the world's greatest golf tournament to its spiritual home on the Scottish East Coast. With the 27th staging of the British Open taking place on the Old Course in 2005, St Andrews has held the event more often than anywhere else which has reinforced its strong reputation as the "Home of Golf". This year's event comes at a period of time where the Scottish Golf Industry is enjoying something of a renaissance, with more and more people choosing to visit the country for golfing holidays and test themselves on some of the world's most famous courses....
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